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From Financial Subprime To Global Energy Subprime

Apr 09, 2014   The U.S. subprime crisis of 2008, although it was cast in stone by 2006-2007, was a dreadful surprise for political deciders. It sprang at them from the murky world of Wall Street’s frenzied brewing of incomprehensible financial instruments with names like algos, swaps and derivatives. o be sure, for politician, this will… ( Leia mais » )

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World’s first floating nuclear power plant to begin operating in Russia in 2016

In three years, Russia will have the world’s first floating nuclear power plant, capable of providing energy and heat to hard-to-get areas as well as drinking water to arid regions. The unique vessel should be operational by 2016, the general director of Russia’s biggest shipbuilders, the Baltic Plant, Aleksandr Voznesensky told reporters at the 6th… ( Leia mais » )

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Combatting Monsanto: Grassroots resistance to the corporate power of agribusiness in the era of the ‘green economy’ and a changing climate

Executive Summary This report provides snapshots of frontline struggles against Monsanto and other biotech corporations pushing genetically modified (GM) crops.1 It shows that small-holder and organic farmers, local communities and social movements around the world are resisting and rejecting Monsanto, and the agro-industrial model that it represents. There is intense opposition to this powerful transnational… ( Leia mais » )

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XXI Century: Crisis of a Civilization; the end of history or the birth of a new society / Second Revised Edition (2012/01)

Wim Dierckxsens (editor) Antonio Jarquín Paulo Campanario Paulo Nakatani Reinaldo Carcanholo Rémy Herrera Introduction  The Complexity of the Present Crisis Chapter I        The Great Depression of the 21st Century Chapter II       A New Stage in the World Crisis: the threat of state bankruptcies Chapter III     The Great Depression of the 21st Century and… ( Leia mais » )

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Record Emissions of Carbon Dioxide: the Bells are ringing for Humanity

The alarm bells this time are not being rang by climate scientists or by environmental activists. They are rang by none other than the International Energy Agency (I.E.A.), the institution set up in the 1970s to defend the interests of Western oil consuming nations. On May 30 last, the I.E.A. issued a press release that… ( Leia mais » )

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Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: Genesis of an International Catastrophe

It is humanly difficult to accept. Yet the worst fears nuclear opponents have voiced for years are becoming true in the nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan. End March, we were almost three weeks into the catastrophe at Fukushima-Daiichi that began on the 11th. Within days it was apparent that the country was likely to face… ( Leia mais » )

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