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    • Monetary war against BRIKS-and why a coup in Ukraine can become the “Waterloo of the U.S. dollar

      17 de mayo de 2014 http://theperiledsea.ning.com "Until now the undisputed rulers of the world, the British and American banking dynasty, together with partners from the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) are the dollar as the global currency managed money flow at the global level and thereby recklessly got rich, but because of that and draw the border, demolished and asked the government to seemingly sovereign states. All who are more familiar mode of operation the Federal Reserve System (FED), which is designed as the U.S. central bank, know that
    • New IOC publication: Beyond the Systemic Crisis and Capital-Led Chaos / Theoretical and Applied Studies

      See the index of the new publication of the OIC: http://pt.calameo.com/read/000281290c2d31879e7f7 http://pt.calameo.com/read/00028129010c172ed5780
    • XXI Century: Crisis of a Civilization; the end of history or the birth of a new society / Second Revised Edition (2012/01)

      Wim Dierckxsens (editor) Antonio Jarquín Paulo Campanario Paulo Nakatani Reinaldo Carcanholo Rémy Herrera Introduction  The Complexity of the Present Crisis Chapter I        The Great Depression of the 21st Century Chapter II       A New Stage in the World Crisis: t
    • HUMANITY IN THE FACE OF A GREAT TRANSITION – How to save the people and not the bankers

      Towards the end of June 2011, the world faced for the first time in recent history, the possibility of a financial collapse that not only threatened the countries of the periphery or in one or two European countries, but also the US. A possible default of the US economy becomes every day more possible and a possible collapse of the Euro is news of the day. Since then panic has become widespread, the price of gold has sky-rocketed, and we hear more and more about an imminent Great Depression. We truly are not before a new recession or a “double dip” like the
    • March 20th. 2011, General mobilization – Arab countries

      Call for Assembly of Social Movements (ASM). March 20th. 2011, General mobilization, supporting the revolutionary process in Arab countries After the concrete victories and process in Latin America in recent years, now it is in the Arabic world where a process of hope and liberty is going on. The revolution in Tunisia not just overthrow a dictator, it also opened a road towards another possible world free from oppression and exploitation. One after another, the Arabic people interrupt the logic of scare and take in their hands their own future and destination invading the political theat
    • No U.S. attack on Libya! – Sara Flounders

      Abstract: The worst thing that could happen to the people of Libya is U.S. intervention. The worst thing that could happen to the revolutionary upsurge shaking the Arab world is U.S. intervention in Libya. Who is de opposition en Libia? What is the role of the CIA? Go to: http://www.workers.org/2011/world/no_us_attack_on_libya_0310/
    • A European strategy for the left – Michel Husson


      A European strategy for the left

      December 29th, 2010 •
      Michel Husson offers a contribution to the debate on how the European left should respond to the economic crisis and argues that leaving the euro is not currently an option for countries which use it: http://socialistresistance.org/1165/a-european-strategy-for-the-left
    • What encourages us?

      OBSERVATORY PRESENTATION Reinaldo Carcanholo (Economist -Brazil) Wim Dierckxsens (Sociologist - Economist - Holland) Antonio Jarquin T (MD - sociologist - Nicaragua) Paulo Nakatani (Economist-Brazil) Remy Herrera (Economist - France) Paulo Campanario (Sociologist and Demographer - Brazil) What encourages us? 1. The World is living today a very stressing situation yet not completely understood, and the mass media fully committed to the great economic interests in control of the planet, try to make peoples to believe that it is just simple and te
    • How are we organized?

      How do we organize ourselves? 1. How the Observatory is organized? ·         A team will be formed with specialists located in different continents. ·         The members of the “Work Team” will cover the biggest possible geographic area. ·         A flexible team with no “representative” strings attached is intended, that is, persons instead organizations. ·         A broad structure that enables us to expand it without the danger of falling into chaos. For this purpose